Canvas Bag

Canvas is well known to be made into bags for it is sturdy and soft. It is also easy to be cleaned as all you need is just water and detergent. Hence, instead of changing a new one, you can simply wash it and makes it appear as new. This eco-friendly product from EcoFriend comes with a zipper, making sure that your items are tightly secured in the bag.

If you are a person who always carry tonnes of items with you, this canvas bag is one that you shouldn’t miss. The reason is simple: With a width of 59cm and a height of 32cm, this bag is LARGE in size! With such feature, it is suitable to be used as a luggage bag when you are heading for a short trip; or as a shopping bag when you shop on Saturday where plastic bag is not provided; or as a diaper bag when you bring your little one outdoor. Adding credits to it, you can customize your own canvas bag here in Malaysia, with wordings of your choice. It may be your name written on it to declare sovereignty; your lucky number to bring you good fortune; your company name to be given as a gift (with free advertising); or any other word that you wish. Custom made services for this canvas bag is available throughout Malaysia. Drop your order now!

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Item : Canvas Bag with Zipper 1
Material : Canvas
Size (cm) : 59 (w) x 32 (h) x 17 (bottom depth)
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