Non Woven Bag

Seeing and getting a non-woven bag in Malaysia is as easy as pie. It is in great demand due to its distinctive features that few others fabric can replace. Non-woven bag is flame retardant, meaning that it has the ability to delay fire from further spreading, increasing its safety value. Non-woven bag is also liquid repellence. So you don’t have to worry about the drinks in your bag spilling and turning your bag wet, and worst still further dampen your attire. Additionally, non-woven fabric is a bacteria barrier, making non-woven bag comparable more hygienic than any other. With our custom made services, you can now make your own unique non-woven bag here in Malaysia!

Product Description
Code : B0002
Item : Non-Woven Carrier Bag
Material : 100gsm Non-Woven
Size (cm) : 26.5(w) x 35.5(h) x 10(d)
Size (inch) : 10.4(w) x 14(h) x 4(d)
Colours : Yellow, Red, Green, Blue
Notes : Max Capacity: 6kg
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