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Canvas (Ready Stock)

Canvas is a dense and heavy plain-woven fabric, thus it has a significant amount of sturdiness. There are lots of raw materials which canvas can be made of, but cotton is often among the most popular ones as it gives a great volume of softness. Combining its natural characteristics of being durable and soft in handle, it is of no doubt that canvas is suitable to be made into bags. By having a canvas bag, you no longer have to tolerate with bags that are easily worn out. A plus point, it is washable, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to remove the stain you accidentally left on it. Not to be forgotten, our canvas bag is an eco-friendly product, so you are contributing to saving the environment by having it in hands. We have a series of canvas bags, vary in designs, to suit your individual needs. So choose between pouch, backpack, laptop/document bag, sling bag, foldable bag, and carrier bag (available with button, zipper or drawstring). The general colours of our eco-friendly canvas bags are white and black, making it easy to be matched with your outfit. Considering of allowing them to be more eye-catchy, we do also provide them with a mix of bright colours such as chartreuse green and red. Looking for a good canvas bag? Now you don’t have to get them imported all the way from overseas to Malaysia, just grab it from EcoFriend, available throughout Malaysia.